Four steps towards the truth

Try to picture the following situation.

You sit in your kind of not really completely uncomfortable chair on a train, first class ICE, as you do, and a woman arrives to take the seat opposite of you.

She is, well, a lot of human. I wouldn’t call her fat, but she is certainly overweight. She is not short either. First she tries to navigate first her luggage into a suitable position and then herself. She wears glasses, a bright colored shirt in yellow, blue, but mostly red with a floral pattern. Beige fabric shoes. Grey hair, long. Bound to a more practical than beautiful pony tail. No make-up.

Got a picture? Think about this woman. Think about how her life may be. Her experiences.

Take your time and try to get a full idea about this woman and her life before you read one.

A couple of minutes later a second woman arrives. Young. Extremely thin. Lots of make-up. Long curly hair. Stylish and thoughtfully combined clothing and some jewelry. Our first woman looks at her, a little longer than you’d expect a glance should last. I get the impression of seeing a sigh in her eyes. I know, sighs gently flow out of a mouth and are not visible in the eyes, but you get the idea. Don’t argue with me.

Again. Got a picture? Anything changed about our first woman and her life? Take your time, then read on.

Our woman opens her backpack and gets some papers out and a very thick book. German laws. Laws about social issues and laws for foreigners living in Germany. She reads them. Takes notes. Adds markers to the pages. Writes helpful pointers on her papers. Works highly concentrated.

How has your image of this woman changed reading the last paragraph? Is she a different woman now? Think. Then read on.

The guy checking the tickets arrives and I reach into my backpack to get the ticket out and starting the security dance of showing my ticket and than hand him my credit card to prove that I am who I claim to be and friendly telling him not to bring my a beverage or some strange sandwich.

The woman however just showed her black first class BahnCard 100 which allows her to use any train in Germany first class any time. This card costs € 6,890 for a single year.

My perception of this woman and my idea about the life she may live changed a lot during this couple of minutes.


Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m just a bad person.

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Photography professionals

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Before the Apple Watch

Since I was a little boy, I was always fascinated by wrist watches. I owned1 a lot of watches throughout the years, from simple digital watches, to calculator watches, simple quartz chronographs, up to (non-fancy) automatic watches.

Currently I wear one of these on a daily basis: an Orient Automatic Diver2 and a Casio G-Shock3.

Casio G-Shock AWG-M100B Orient Automatic Diver in gunmetal gray (EM65007B)

I really like the Casio for its versatility: multiple alarms, solar powered, radio controlled time accuracy. I always liked watches with multiple functions. Chronographs with lots of complications. Never was able to buy a automatic chronograph though, mainly because the decent ones are way to expensive.

In contrast to those complicated and therefore visually loud watches I always admired watches of elegant simplicity. The Nomos Tangente comes to mind.

So I ordered an Apple Watch.4 It won’t arrive soon.5 It is by far the most expensive watch I ever bought or owned. The main reason it fascinates me – besides the seamless integration with the rest of my computing devices – is the combination of simplicity and power. On the one hand6 it provides way more power than ever on my wrist. On the other hand there is great visual simplicity.

The face of the watch is just black when not used. The watch face when activated can be as simple or complex as you desire. Starts with just plain analog hands. Add complications as you please. From traditional watch complications to calendar appointments. Change complications based on your current needs.

I’m looking forward to playing around and design just the perfect watch for me.

  1. And torn apart. 

  2. EM65007B in gunmetal gray 

  3. AWG-M100B 

  4. And based on the color choices on my other watches you probably can guess which one

  5. I ordered through the Apple Store app and completed the order before the web store was even up again. I received my order confirmation at 9:04am, three minutes after the store was supposed to reopen. Expected shipping date: 4 to 6 weeks. Crazy. 

  6. No pun intended. Neither of them. 

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The Wormworld Saga

Daniel Lieske’s comic The Wormworld Saga is visually stunning.

I’m not that big a fan the writing and the story is a bit too predictable. But the drawings are great, especially how Daniel manages to capture different lighting conditions and the atmospheres of all fantastic places his alter ego visits. Well worth a look.

My kids read all the already available chapters and loved them. I’ll follow along1 and I’ll surely buy the completed book.

  1. For now, only seven chapters have been completed and published 

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Daredevil – Season 1, Episode 2

The last big fight scene in Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 2 reminded my of the iconic fight scene in Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy.

Partly because of its setting. But mainly because the main character fights with determination and despair. Losing is not an option. In both cases the lone fighter is hurt and exhausted but gets up again and again.

Great scenes.

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The Alien Quadrilogy (Alien, Aliens, Alien³ and Alien: Resurrection) is still one of my favorite movie series of all time1. I come back to watching it regularly, maybe yearly.

The ratings I’d give the four movies:

My ratings of the four movies

One thing worth mentioning about the increasing possibilities and use of special effects: as soon as they get believable (not so much in Alien³) they do not add to the tension of the movie, do not make it more suspenseful. The special effects make them more gross. Alien: Resurrection is filled with moments in which you feel compelled to grimace and look away. Doesn’t add to the suspension though. Alien, the first movie, is still the best and most thrilling of the series. There they used darkness and great acting to make the horror believable.

  1. I may talk about Prometheus in another post. 

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