The Wormworld Saga

Daniel Lieske’s comic The Wormworld Saga is visually stunning.

I’m not that big a fan the writing and the story is a bit too predictable. But the drawings are great, especially how Daniel manages to capture different lighting conditions and the atmospheres of all fantastic places his alter ego visits. Well worth a look.

My kids read all the already available chapters and loved them. I’ll follow along1 and I’ll surely by the completed book.

  1. For now, only seven chapters have been completed and published

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Daredevil – Season 1, Episode 2

The last big fight scene of Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 2 reminded my of the iconic fight scene in Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy.

Partly because of its setting. Mainly because of the determination and despair the main character fights. Loosing is not an option. In both cases the lone fighter is hurt and exhausted but gets up again and again.

Great scenes.

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The Alien Quadrilogy (Alien, Aliens, Alien³ and Alien: Resurrection) is still one of my favorite movie series of all time1. I come back watching it regularly, maybe yearly.

The ratings I’d give the four movies:

My ratings of the four movies

One thing worth mentioning about the increasing possibilities and use of special effects: as soon as they get believable (not so much in Alien³) they do not add to the tension of the movie, do not make it more suspenseful. The special effects make them more gross. Alien: Resurrection is filled with moments in which you feel impelled to grimace and look away. Doesn’t add to the suspension though. Alien, the first movie, is still the best and most thrilling of the series. There they used darkness and great acting to make the horror believable.

  1. I may talk about Prometheus in another post.

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